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CompanyNameChampagne Events Mexico
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City Mexico City
Country México
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What are special Features of your Company: We are a Mexico Destination Wedding Planning company that provides all the wedding integrated services for you to have the most beautiful wedding in a very unique location. Champagne Events Mexico’s team of talented coordinators has deep local knowledge needed to provide couples with a wide assortment of professional vendors and suggestions that perfectly match their distinct style and vision. These expert planners take a couple’s requests and combine them with fun and tasteful aspects of Mexico’s unique culture to produce an authentic, memorable and stress-free event. From knowing the most trendy spots in the country to letting guests know everything about traveling to Mexico. We have a variety of venues to choose from in the city and in the beautiful countryside, including historic, elegant hotels; XVI century haciendas; lush, flowering gardens; mountain lakefront sites; and "magical" towns; amongst other unique locations. These big and unique locations are perfect for your multi day wedding event where you can have most of your guests staying onsite and sharing with you a more intimate and personal experience.

Outdoor venues are wildly popular in Mexico due to the very desirable temperature and climate
We are certified as South Asian Wedding Planners
Our main focus is to show the Indian people how beautiful, unique and fun will be to have their wedding in Mexico. We will take care of all the aspects of the wedding even helping them with accommodations and deals for their guests. We offer our services in the whole country of India.

Published on : 24-Feb-2020

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