A Comprehensive Guide to Bridal Trousseau Shopping

Weddings involve a lot of shopping — shopping for the bride and groom, shopping for their families, and a lot of other costs. If not planned properly, it may get truly intimidating. We have put together a user-friendly Comprehensive Guide to aid you with your Bridal Trousseau Shopping to ensure that you do not get overwhelmed and that you plan well and spend only where need be.

Worry not, implement these steps and you will be saving yourself a lot of time, money and effort!

1. Save Wherever Possible

No amount of savings is small. Smaller amounts of money that are saved get accumulated into larger amounts. For instance, do not let the jeweller or the designer know that you are the bride. When they get to know that you are the bride, they usually tend to hike up the prices to a much higher amount. Learn to keep it low-key.

2. Make a List of Things You Already Have

Make a list of things that will go into your Bridal Trousseau. Then, note down what you already have and what you have to procure. This way, you do not spend money on items that you already have with you out of impulse. Jewelry, sarees, and accessories are items that your mother would have already been saving for you. Check with her as well before you head out shopping for your Bridal Trousseau.

3. Pick Out Timeless Pieces of Clothing

Buy yourself a classic pair of clothing that will never die out of fashion. There is no point in investing in an outfit that goes out of fashion in a couple of months. Ensure to invest in classic pieces of clothing such as a designer blouse, a colorful dupatta, a good pair of jeans, etc that can be worn time and time again.

4. Clearance Sales

Most clothing outlets have at least one sale in a year. So, plan your Bridal Trousseau well in advance, make a note of all the Sales that are about to come in the year, plan and shop accordingly. You will be saving a good stash of money this way!

5. Don’t Care About The Others

You don’t have to worry about what the others have to say. People always have something to say irrespective of what you do, what you wear, where you are and who you are. Quit thinking about what they might think or say. You do you, and you do what suits you the best. Afterall, your wedding has to be about you and you only. It’s your time to shine, girl.

6. Rent It Out

Wherever and whenever possible, if you are going to use it only once, rent it out. Rent out your clothes, jewelry and other accessories wherever possible. This way, you would be able to wear something that is way out of your budget by renting it out for a day. Besides, there are a few items that you will only be wearing once so why not rent it out?

7. Stick To Your Budget

We cannot emphasize on this enough but stick to your budget! We understand that there are a lot of options in the market and sometimes it may seem like the more expensive the clothes, the better they are, but that’s not true! Keep reminding yourself why you drafted yourself a budget in the first place, give yourself a reality check and keep yourself grounded.

We hope that this guide helps you plan and shop for your Bridal Trousseau just the way you picture it in your head. You will do a good job, don’t worry.

Published on : 20-Feb-2020 | By Admin

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