Signature Cocktail Party Ideas

You've already put so much thought into the details of your wedding — from dress to flowers and to vows so don't let the bar become an afterthought. Keep the beer and wine flowing, but when it involves making a true “just married" statement, it's all about the signature cocktail. With clever names and seasonal flavours, cocktail recipes might just be the personal touch which you have been looking for.


A party is traditionally a social affair that features a menu of appetizers and alcoholic beverages. It’s also sometimes called a cocktail reception. Cocktails parties can be held in a variety of locations, and often require a more formal dress code called cocktail attire.


Whether your summer nuptials are happening inside or outside, you'll want to keep your guests cool and refreshed with a top-notch signature cocktail that captures the flavours and feeling of summer. Of course, your wedding details are up to the taste from signature cocktails of your wedding to reception décor, music, and food.


Can't you just picture it? Your guests in their best wedding attire, twinkling lights and floral arrangements, sipping something fruity or slushy. Who doesn't enjoy a good drink to celebrate love and happiness?


You can never fail with hosting a party . Conversation, good food, and even better drinks should be your key objectives.


How you can throw signature cocktail party?


Venue : Host a cocktail party anywhere—an art gallery, your favorite neighborhood bistro, or a historic house. Last, keep the lighting dim it flatters everyone and keeps the mood festive.

Dress Code: It's your wedding feel free to go full-on traditional, or mix it up in something short and flirty. Instead of going for identical looks, scan the fashion glossies for a color you love, broadcast your choice, and let them choose their own individual styles in the selected shade.

Food & Drink: Plan to have 8 to 12 different rotation you can opt to provide either a full bar or have champagne, wine, and a signature cocktail.

Music: If you want a dance party, and piping in your own music. Hire alittle ensemble to play live tunes within the background.

Cake & Dessert. Choose the traditions that feel right for you. After all those passed hors d'oeuvres, a traditional tiered cake might be the perfect counterpoint. If so, be sure to give the cake the limelight.

Run-of-Show: Since this kind of party runs at a faster clip than the average reception you can schedule a few key wedding moments throughout the night.


Once you’ve made your guest list and planned your cocktail menu, it’s time to for the decorations. Decorations help turn a simple cocktail party into an event the guests will remember for a long time to come.


Add a personal touch to your party by creating custom mason jars to serve your cocktails. If you’re hosting a cocktail party for a special occasion such as an engagement party, birthday party, or bridal shower, custom glasses can add a detailed and charming touch to your bar set-up.

Table Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are your opportunity to show off your party’s theme. For example, if you’re planning an elegant, black and white affair.

Custom Cutting Boards

If you’re planning a cocktail party, make the cutting board a part of your decor. Customize board with a thematic message or with name.


Candles remain one among the simplest decorative staples of any party . Customize a group for your party with thematic designs.

Floral Arrangements

For a standard and stylish decoration, fill your party with floral arrangements. Also, make sure to color coordinate the arrangements with the rest of your theme for a cohesive party style.


Lighting is an especially important elements for cocktail parties held in the dark time. Common lighting for parties include string lights, lanterns, and candle displays.



1.Around The World

Take your guests “around the world” with this all-inclusive cultural theme. The goal of this party theme is to showcase a variety of foods and drinks from different cultures.

2. Colour-Based Theme

Craft a theme for your cocktail party ideas based off of one colour or a colour palette. Parties based on colour schemes allow you to mix and match decorations, food, and drinks, as long with cocktails come in just about colour.

3. Alcohol Type

If you favor one sort of alcohol in your cocktail, turn your preference into a whole theme. For instance, you can throw bourbon-based, tequila-based cocktail drinks and margaritas or rum-inspired drinks.

4. Retro Cocktail Party

Re-connect with the ‘60s by throwing a retro cocktail party! Cocktail affairs in the ‘60s were typically characterized by glasses, garnishes, martini recipes, and champagne cocktail set-ups.


If you are choosing a cocktail party theme, you should serve a full bar with 5-6 cocktails that have different alcohols and flavours. You can name the drinks after the honoree for an entertaining effect.

Wine Bar

Don’t forget about the wine! Although cocktails are the highlight of this party idea, offering a small wine bar can be beneficial for guests who don’t enjoy strong cocktails.


Go all out with garnishes for your cocktail party by including necessary garnishes such as cherries, olives, mint, lemon wedges, lime wedges, and sugar cubes.


Once you’ve made your guest list and planned your cocktail menu, it’s time to for the decorations. Decorations help turn a simple cocktail party into an event the guests will remember for a long time to come.

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