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Registering for wedding gifts is something you only plan to do once in your life, so you’ll want to get it right.More than just the ultimate shopping trip, setting up a registry is an efficient thanks to let guests know which items you would like to start out your life together. A registry also keeps track of who bought what and reduces the chance of receiving duplicate presents.The premise is simple. You visit a department store, pick a range of items that you'd love to own and then let your wedding guests know where they can find your registry. When addressing your guests, say it from the heart. Remember, your registry wording are going to be read by your closest family and friends, those who want to celebrate you with a present you'll enjoy!



When should we register?

Traditional etiquette states that couples should register for gifts as soon as they get engaged, as this gives people the option of choosing an engagement gift, or a gift for the bridal shower, from the registry. However, many couples are more absorbed with setting a date and finding a venue, than with fixing their gift list. As long as you are registered before the official invitations are sent out that should be fine.


How many gifts should we include?

This is a tricky question as it’s good to give guests plenty of choice, but you don’t want to appear greedy. You also want to make sure you receive the gifts you really wanted, rather than all the extras that you put in to make up the numbers. Initially try including 25-50% more gifts that you simply have guests. For example if you have 100 guests, select 125-150 gifts. You may find that some guests will buy multiple smaller gifts instead of one large gift. Keep checking your wedding list and add extra items if you are feeling the selection of gifts during a particular price range is becoming too small. Couples often find yourself including twice as many gifts as they need guests.


What type of gifts should we choose?

In the past there are various guidelines about the gifts that ought to be added to a marriage gift registry. The advice has been to include both formal and informal china, to make sure you have at least twelve place settings, to choose co-ordinating bedding, and to avoid trends that will quickly go out of fashion. Luckily for modern couples these rules are generally a thing of the past. Make sure that the items you choose will actually be used, that they will fit in with your lifestyle, and that they reflect your own sense of style, and you won’t go far wrong.


How should we tell guests about our registry?

Traditional wedding etiquette states that it is bad manners to tell your guests about your gift list, they should only be told if they contact a family member to find out what you are doing about gifts. However, in the convenience society we now live in, most guests would far rather be told where you are registered so they don’t have to find out for themselves. You can include a discreet card with the small print of your wedding present registry within the envelope together with your wedding invitation, otherwise you can add details to your wedding website if you have one.


When should we close the gift list?

Although some guests buy months in advance, the majority of wedding presents are bought in the two weeks before, and the two weeks after the wedding, so make sure your list isn’t closed on the wedding date. Different gift list providers may have different rules about how long you retain your registry open, but three months after the marriage is certainly long enough.


Registering for gifts should be a fun experience that you simply and your fiance can participate in together, instead of a chore that you simply need to get through before the invites are sent out. Follow these few practical guidelines and make a present registry filled with items that you simply both want and wish .

Yes, choosing wedding gifts are often overwhelming and confusing. What exactly do you need to fill your newlywed home?


The Kitchen

Whether you're an aspiring Top Chef contestant or a cooking newbie, it's important to make sure your kitchen is well-stocked with the right tools.


Coffee and/or Espresso Maker

Coffee Grinder

Tea Kettle


Food Processor

8-10 Piece Knife Set

8-10 Piece Cooking Set

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons

Mixing Bowls



8-12 Causal Place Settings

8-12 Cereal/Soup Bowls

8-12 Coffee Mugs

1-2 Serving Bowls

1-2 Medium Platters

Salad Bowl

Cake Plate

Butter Dish

Salt and Pepper Grinders


The Bedroom

Getting married is the perfect opportunity for a bedroom upgrade.

2-3 Flat and Fitted Sheets

4-6 Pillowcases


Mattress Pad

2-4 Pillows


The Living Room

Ensure that your front room is both cozy and well-decorated with a spread of registry items to suit your style.

Vacuum Cleaner


Picture Frames in a variety of sizes


Throw Blankets


Wall Art



The Bathroom

Yup, you'll (and should!) register for toilet items. From towels to bath accessories, here's what will help give your bathroom that sprucing up it probably needs.


6 Bath Towels

6 Hand Towels

6 Wash Cloths

Bath Mat

Shower Curtain

2 Robes

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