Offbeat Themes for your Wedding Functions

“What type of a wedding do I want?” Is this the question haunting you day in and out? Or are you tired of scrolling up your phone looking for options for your wedding themes? Well, as a bride and groom, we understand that you have hundred other things to worry about for your wedding. Thus, to help you a little, here are few offbeat themes for your wedding functions that will make your guests drop their jaws in awe!


Terracotta and Flowers Décor

If you are looking for an intimate set up with just your family and friends, terracotta with flowers interior would just be the apt and classy theme for you. A bunch of exotic flowers hanging from a terracotta pot or maybe a rustic matka placed at corners of the hall accessorized with real flowers, will surely glam up your closed space with an English touch.


Macramé décor

We all know how a cute piece of macramé can bring a life to our plain walls at home. How about implementing that idea to one of your day functions? As different does it sound, but imagine you as bride sitting on a chair accessorised with macramé and surrounded by trees having beautiful pieces of macramé art hanging from it. Dreamy right? Well gone are those days when the day functions had to be in yellow and red and green theme. Try this offbeat décor and add a pinch of Victorian feel to your function.


Just Candles

Have you thought of lighting up your sangeet ceremony with just candles? Not yet? Well we recommend you give it a shot. Chandeliers, lanterns, scented candles and all that glitter will ensure you have a sparkling sangeet set up. If not for sangeet, you can also save this theme for your reception. Afterall, who wouldn’t wish for a romantic set up on a special eve, right?


Moroccan theme

If you are in look for fine elegance, chic details and combination of colours, patterns and design, then Moroccan theme is the best for your wedding function. Moroccan lanterns, low sofas, ottomans piled high with elegant jewel-tone pillows, drapes falling from ceiling to floor, illuminating quiet nooks and crannies are a perfect set up for your theme. So, if you still haven’t thought of this sophisticated and stylish theme, then now is the time to try.


Vintage and Fairy lights

If you are looking for a classic, elegant and timeless theme for your wedding, then a vintage set up is all you need. Charm your guests with the most romantic set up that will never run out of style and will leave them spellbound. Include all the right ingredients of the theme and make the backdrop of your big day romantic and a memorable one for you and your friends and family. Add the twinkling of fairy lights for more enhancement.

Published on : 21-Feb-2020 | By Admin

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