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A Bohemian Wedding is like pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book. Boho Chic Weddings have a definite soft and romantic feel that’s earthy and inspired naturally and therefore the beautiful outdoors. Bohemian weddings are a hit right now because they are relaxed, colourful and fun; beach weddings are always super actual because it’s just a dream – walking down the beach aisle with the breeze in your face and are incredibly relaxed, full of sunlight, sand and salty breeze – isn’t that perfect for summer? Bright flowers, feathers, Moroccan lanterns, gipsy textiles, shells and pebbles for décor are not only awesome but also budget-friendly and easily DIYs. Rock a lace boho gown with lots of cool accessories and a headpiece, go barefoot.


Bohemian inspirations and influences still cast a robust appeal in diverse areas like interior decor, weddings, fashion and styling. The bohemian or ‘boho’ aura is all about blending natural elements with exquisite pieces to create unique and distinctive aesthetics. Many brides are drawn to the creative freedom that boho-inspired themes allow when it involves wedding decor and bridal fashion.

The bohemian wedding trend isn’t going anywhere. Bohemian brides and grooms can embrace the theme fully, through everything from their fashion to their décor like colourful textiles and cascading bouquets or subtly, by selecting simple touches here and there. There’s something magical about the bohemian themed wedding! It is all gorgeous without being OTT with the perfect laid-back vibes. Not only that, but it is also all inexpensive to plan as well. Imagine having breezy canopies, vintage wooden decor, dreamcatchers, and perfect backdrops on your special day? Get inspired by the ideas below and go boho chic!


Bohemian Wedding Invitations

Set the tone for a bohemian wedding with stationery that hints at the theme. This can be like giving information about the relaxed desert wedding weekend in a small box and round out with a dream catcher.


What To Wear

Grooms can choose anything but brides mostly prefer boho looks: there are lots of amazing boho lace with any silhouette, length and neckline to fit your taste and create a unique look. When it comes to selecting your wedding wear, you can either stick to nudes and white coloured outfits or you can opt for colourful boho chic prints. Also, make sure you convey the same to your guests as well. Grooms and groomsmen can ace up a bohemian look by wearing a boho-chic Nehru jacket or a kurta. Whereas, brides and bridesmaid can style up their boho-chic look by carrying a colourful bohemian printed dupatta and a clutch or potli bag.


Accessorise your look with multiple bracelets, earrings, layered necklaces and anklets – there can’t be anything excessive for a boho or gipsy bride. As for shoes, walk barefoot, go for embellished sandals or barefoot sandals – it’s totally up to you and the look you want.

The bridal boho-chic accessories: a diamond ring, pearl bracelet, a woven bracelet, initial earrings, rainbow of rope bracelets (one for each bridesmaid), and a unique body chain. Headgears and floral hairdo can help you complete your overall look. You can’t get far more bohemian than a fresh flower crown.


For those of you who want to incorporate the boho theme to its fullest, why not include some boho-inspired elements into your ensemble like effortless foliage varmalas, baby’s breath bouquets and other creative elements that outline laid-back beauty and please your imagination.


Decoration Ideas


Tents and Teepees

Lush branches or minimalist branches bring a compelling sight. These cosy and conical canopies are great spots for intimate ceremonies that are planned outdoors such as a garden party or afternoon brunches. You could have your bar under a spacious and breezy teepee or arrange for the mehndi spot in one shaded teepee.


Whimsical Canopy Mandaps

Forget boring drapes acting as ceilings of structures like mandaps. Instead, infuse some dramatic elements like chandeliers, meshes of branches and twigs, creepers, vines, logs, floral garlands and artistic creations with wires and fairy lights. You can also add some character over the bridal seating area at events such as your mehndi by suspending a bed canopy over a sofa and flanking it with diverse elements such as frames, decorative vases, and so on.


Macramé Marvels

With its roots originating in ancient cultures and civilizations, the knotted craft of macramé brings the best of art and history to the table. Allow your guests to walk into your celebrations through a macramé entryway. You can also hang potted plants in creatively knotted slings for that earthy touch, or use macramé table runners for your outdoor brunch – the options are all aesthetic and elegant.


Dreamcatcher Delights

When we think of boho vibes, we instantly think of dreamcatchers and rightly so because these hangings are one of the prettiest elements when it comes to decor. A dreamcatcher is a must at your wedding so that as soon as your guests walk in, they know your wedding is going to have that old-world charm. Feathers, beads, a range of colour combinations and patterns all contribute to the enduring appeal of dreamcatchers as decor elements, especially at modern weddings.


High Points for Low Seating

Planning a super relaxed brunch? How a few picnic-style meal served on long low tables with plush cushions for comfort! Add some golden candelabras and vibrant floral arrangements to the mix, and you’ll have an Insta-worthy set up that will get everyone clicking!


Lights That Delight

Warm yellow lights can transform even the coldest spaces into inviting settings. Think fairy lights draped over trees, bistro lights hanging from above, clusters of paper lanterns in charming corners or just good old candles dotting the venue. They can be placed in every which way to fit your personal preferences.


Magic Carpets

Layout several of these to create a vintage style aisle leading you to your mandap or create a Persian carpet topped with cushions and overhead drapes for guests. Alternatively, you can also roll out a carpet as an alternative to the conventional dance floor.


Trendy Tableware & Tablescapes

For a gipsy-like vibe at your wedding, make your events a bohemian feast using colourful crockery and glassware. Opt for vintage glasses and plates and forget fussing over matching all the pieces.

Natural Nuances

Floral arrangements that look perfectly imperfect as if they were just picked and bunched together in a collection of bottles in different shapes and sizes are wonderful.


From Trash to Treasure

Bohemianism is all about getting creative with whatever you'll lay your hands upon. This very quality of reinventing is the reason behind the kind of organic beauty that this style has come to be known for.


Photobooths, favours & More

These are some of the extra options we havewhich would work magically in a boho-themed wedding. It has crochet elements, intricate hangings, exquisite concepts and whatnot. What’s a wedding without a wedding cake? It’s one among the foremost awaited elements of wedding celebrations. Let the inspirations behind your boho-themed celebrations be reflected on the cake too. Opt for a rustic looking naked tiered cake topped with fresh posies!


For Reception

Patterned star lanterns and grapevine chandeliers filled with real goldfish hung from the tent ceiling, and the tables overflowed with garlands. And have super-relaxed reception included a picnic-style meal served on the ground, with chic rugs and pillows for comfort.


Spread the boho love!


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