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Indian food is well known all over the world. Indian Desserts are equally loved. However, in Indian weddings at the dessert counter, there is always an imbalance. Whip up your wedding catering with these fresh mixture of dessert ideas. Remember the time when desserts at weddings meant vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, alongside some Gulab Jamun? Well, dessert tables have really kicked it up a notch these days, and these ideas are super adorable! Whether you do this at your bridal shower or engagement, dessert tables have never been more sweeter! Well, the tradition of cake cutting at weddings is now passé with overloaded dessert tables replacing them for better.


From traditional Indian sweets to French and Mexican desserts, there are endless pin-worthy dessert table ideas which can take your love for sweets to another level. Every good fairy tale has a happy ending, and the best way to end your magical wedding day is with a dessert  treat everyone will enjoy. Of course, there's the cake, but everyone also loves enjoying a dessert bar at the reception.

It can be a little difficult to decide what kind of treats you want to present on your dessert bar because the ideas are endless. It's a perfect choice for your wedding day because you love your SO just as much as everyone will fall head over heels for a unique dessert bar. It's your day, after all, so if you can't choose just one, why not have a couple?


Here are reasons why you should have FUSION desserts at your wedding!

* They give you a new experience in terms of flavour and texture.

* They are unique. Most such combinations your wedding guests will be trying for the first time!

* The sweets themselves will make your guests differentiate your wedding from the rest and remember this unique delight.

* To make food more fun for all the kids at your wedding, plan the sweets wisely. You can have a unique dessert bar that includes things like a chocolate fountain, a candy station with a large variety of colourful candies, fun-shaped cakes and pastries, cookies, etc.


So, here are some ideas that you can discuss with your caterer to have on your wedding day!



This is a fusion dessert that combines basic Indian carrot pudding with a ghee cake! The first step is to make the Gajar ka Halwa which will be the main ingredient, followed by the cake itself. Make sure that you are making a ghee cake with it. Add coconut shavings for flavour and to add a unique taste to the ladoos.



Ladoos are hotter this season. Use coconut and pistachio to have an exotic and rich fusion dessert for the wedding.



Pudding and sondesh combine to form a Bengali fusion dessert. Shondesh for the new generation!



It’s an easy-bake cupcake with the flavour of Gulkhand. They are quick and account easy.


They are not the easiest cupcakes to make but, the effort pays off in the taste and the reactions from your guests! They require you to make the carrot halwa and gulab jamun before you can make the cupcake batter. So only indulge in this fusion Indian dessert if you can pull through with time!



And yes they exist! Overindulgence got a new name! These amazing desserts will not be the leftover from your wedding.



Rose milk, gulkhand mixed with soaked basil leaves gives you this unique fusion dessert! Add toppings to it, please.



Paan flavours really come through in a kulfi. Try it and see for yourself!



How about pairing up your favourite international dessert with a touch of desi!



Creativity is in full flow when it comes to the sweets table of Indian wedding celebrations! So, why leave one of our favourite popular traditions out of it? Yes, none other than the paan is a strong flavour use in the new experimental fusion dessert market!



Subtle white chocolate and bold chai come together to create these must-make cupcakes.



This India-inspired dessert is simple carrot pudding, stuffed between sheets of sweetened mawa and rolled like a swiss roll for effect! Add a drizzle of Rabri on top for an even bigger impact taste and presentation-wise! Garnish with chopped nuts of your choice.



Large glass jars with macaroons inside are super cute. Replace the macaroons with candy floss, cookies or anything else and get something just as pretty! Macarons are luxurious, gorgeous to look at, and delicious kind of treat you want and need on your dessert bar. Presenting them in different layers or tiers helps them look more enticing to your guests.

Take Your Pleasure Seriously With Ladoo Station!

Well, Indian weddings are incomplete without a treat of ladoos. So, make your dessert bar equally inviting for the oldies and kids too by including a variety of ladoos.


Wafflesome Affair With A Quirky Waffle Dessert Bar!

Don’t forget having your own waffle station with classic Belgian style waffles and plenty of toppings to spoil your guests with choices.

Pair them with maple syrup and classic vanilla ice cream for brownie points! Set up a waffle maker with some batter. Instead of plating it already made, have guests make their own waffles by setting up a dedicated station for waffles since it is expected for people to hang around when waiting for their waffle to get cooked. Make sure there are a lot of treats for guests to decorate their waffles with, such as fruits, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and many more.


Dessert Bar Is Incomplete Without Some Ice-Cream!

Well, I screamed, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. No matter what kind of weather and time it is, our love for icecreams is irreplaceable. Has an individual station dedicated for ice-creams where the guests can treat themselves by making their own ice cream sundae, hire an ice cream or gelato truck to arrive as a treat, or serve ice cream sandwiches that are pre-made for guests to grab and go or complete with all of the necessities for them to create themselves?


A Live Jalebi Station?

Because there’s no love bigger than our love for jalebis. Pair them with Rabri to have a heavenly experience. They are a perfect addition in your winter wedding dessert menu!


Kulfi Faluda Station

Make your way for some desi delight by surprising your guests with a kulfi faluda station.


Love For Pastries Is No Less!

A perfect alternative to a massive wedding cake is to have a wedding dessert bar with a wide variety of flavoursome pastries for all the sweet tooth lovers. Well, your guests will thank you for adding this Spanish heaven in your dessert menu with a relishing scent of cinnamon to dig in!


A Live Paan Station

Because Indian weddings are incomplete without “Paan Banaras Wala”!


Ice Cream Cake Station!

A fancy little treat for your guests with a TWIST! Only it doesn’t melt!


Cookie Bar

Cookies are a wonderful favour option, and they also work so well as the main event at a dessert bar. Plan to serve your individual favourite cookies and the flavour you’re most drawn toward as a couple. If you have family members who are excellent bakers or just asking to help in any way possible, ask if they might be willing to whip up the recipes most loved by your family.


Popsicle Bar

Why popsicles? They’re a great, light treat to keep guests cool during summer wedding! You can serve them as a decent treat for guests. If you serve them in the evening, don’t be afraid to serve them jabbed with champagne!


Churro Bar

Churros are a Spanish inspired treat, and the dough paired with cinnamon always makes us think of celebratory nights with friends or evenings spent at the fair. Plan to serve them plain, or add a toppings bar for guests to dip their churros in a variety of options, including chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and candy.


Doughnut Bar

Doughnut walls are increasing in their popularity place doughnuts on cake stands and platters. Make sure to order a variety of your favourite flavours and plan to place signs indicating the name and ingredients in each one. Make your doughnut bar DIY with a spread of sprinkle and nut toppings your guests can add. Not only can they satisfy a sweet tooth, but their varied shapes also make for interesting decor on the table. You can also individually wrap them as an edible giveaway.

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