Do’s and Don’t’s for Wedding Bride and Groom

Getting married is a big step which is why the wedding day is the most important one. When you get married, you get a partner that will walk with you, holding hands, for the rest of your lives. Naturally, on such a special occasion, everyone wants to look perfect but is the perfection that easy?

Yes, with our simple list of dos and don’ts, you can have a wonderful wedding with no stress at all.


Dos and don’ts for wedding!

•Plan your day for yourself, not for others

•Take advantage of the Internet •Get the groom to be involved, it’s his wedding too •Pamper yourself! Treat your mom and girls to a spa day before the marriage •Be realistic about weight loss goals when selecting your gown •Remember to involve step parents in some way •Consider some of your photos in black and white, they are timeless

•Pick a song for your first dance that has meaning or a good memory for the two of you •Consider having wedding and reception at one location, it is much easier for •Try to stay within your allocated budget •Take time to select the music you will enjoy during your reception

•Register for gifts well in advance of your wedding date •Take an engagement photo to display near your guest book •Make all payments in a timely manner •Be sure to eat on your wedding day, it’s easy to forget or be too excited but you don’t want to get run down •Consider buying the grooms tux instead of renting, he will have it for a lifetime •Don’t leave your guests too long between the ceremony and reception •Don’t drink too much at your wedding, you want to remember every last moment •Take time to visit with as many guests as possible •Take time to look around and enjoy everything you have been planning for so long •Be sure your photographer knows which guests you really want photos of

For the groom:



1. Rise Early

It’s your day and the earlier it starts, the better it would be. As a groom, you have a lot of responsibilities. So, get up early and go through everything to avoid any last-minute rush.


2. Meditate

We know that you must be freaking out and to avoid any anxiousness, you should meditate. Just close your eyes for a while and block all the noise outside. Think about happy moments. This will assist you to stay calm throughout the marriage .


3. Get A Trim

The messy look is all everybody talks about these days, but we are sure that you want to look presentable on your wedding day. Get a neat trim wiped out the morning in order that you'll look clean in your wedding photographs.


4. Check Your Wedding Outfit

This is a crucial thing to stay in mind. A groom’s outfit is nothing like your regular wear. It has so many elements like safa, turban, kali, dupatta and more. Make sure that your shoes are free from dirt and polished before you wear them.


5. Eat Right

Some people eat a lot when stressed and some don’t eat at all. Stay away from oily food and consume fresh fruits and vegetables.




1. Sleep Late

Sleeping late on the night before the wedding is the biggest mistake that any groom or bride could make. You need to be properly rested if you don’t want to yawn throughout the wedding. Also, beauty sleep!


2. Planning stag party Just Before The Night Of the marriage


Drinks are an essential part of weddings but that doesn’t mean that you have to get the drunk night before the wedding. You don’t want to wake up with a hangover and a headache. And, certainly wouldn’t want to keep your bride waiting for the baraat.


3. Heavy Dinner


The food at an Indian wedding is hard to resist but it is easier to keep the temptation away than to have a sick stomach at your own wedding. Steer clear from that spicy and deep-fried food to avoid heartburn and stomach infection.


4. Trying Something New On The Face

Do not take the risk of doing something different on your face or skin on the wedding day and you do not want to show up at the venue with a face full of rashes. Stick to what is familiar.


For the bride:



* Start the day with some upbeat music to get you in the mood! You’re going to need that energy to carry you through the whole day.

* Confirm the time for the photo shoot with your photographer. You certainly don’t want either them or you to be stood around waiting.

* Get as much prepared for your make-up artists before they arrive.

* Eat something before you start getting dressed up. You’ll need the energy but you certainly don’t need the stains!

* Spend some quality time with your bridesmaids, family, pets – whoever and whatever is most important to you. You might not have much time to spare for them during the rest of the day.



* Don’t deviate from your planned wedding look. Now is certainly not the time to be experimenting and adding complications to a day you’ve been planning for months.

* Don’t invite too many people into your bridal room. Give the make-up artists space to do their thing and minimise distractions to keep things moving smoothly.

* Don’t try to be super-bride. If you try to do too much at once, you risk a creating more problems than you could possibly solve.

* Don’t wash your hair on the wedding day. It might make the hair stylist’s job more challenging than necessary.

* Don’t eat anything oily. It might make you uncomfortable later.

* Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. You’re going to be on your feet almost all day, so shoes that look good but feel like torture will get very annoying very quickly.

* Most importantly, don’t panic! Don’t allow your day to spoiled by negativity.

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