Will Indian Wedding Rule The World?

Definitely yes! Indian marriages always been the most colorful and extravagant celebration around the world. With various rituals and regional customs that are being preserved and practiced, Indians don't forget to add modern twist complementing their traditional culture.

Bang the colors!!!

Indian wedding involves a lot of bright and vibrant colors that stand out and light up the occasion. Indian brides love to experiment, from vibrant warm to cool pastel colors in their wedding outfit. Some brides like to choose the all-time traditional regal red outfit. With unique customizations, they always amaze the show.

Oh snap!!!

The Indian wedding photography is a sneak to snap the most adorable, and cute moments of the weddings - The raw photos capturing the laughter of family gatherings and friends, mischievous cute little kids, and blessing moments of the loving couple, caged in the heart for years. 

Though many cultures have stunning photography sessions as part of their wedding, Indian wedding photographers stand out capturing the pure, soulful feelings of all.

Customs and everlasting promises!!!

Customs and rituals play a major role in the Indian wedding. They also differ from region to region, and even among families in India. Most of the wedding rituals are mostly fun, breaking the ice between the families and bringing people together. They also give optimistic vibes for the wedding couple to face the next big step of their life.

Bling On!!!

In an Indian wedding, the Indian bride doesn't just bling on. It's the entire occasion that's lighted up. With the most adorable and picturesque accessories, the couple makes everyone go aww!! The stunning jewelry and quirky accessories compliment them and make them even more adorable. Even grooms take up this chance to experiment and make everyone stop and gaze. They don't shy away from bringing everything flimsy that goes from head to toe.

This groom twirls along with the bride and we can't keep calm.

Can you?

Super cool decors

Indian wedding decorations are the prettiest and top-notch all the time. Most of the Indian wedding halls decorated with colorful flowers and lights set a happy mood for the D-day. Down in southern India, they decorate their house and the wedding hall entrance with a banana tree with a flower on both sides, believed to bring prosperity and give good vibes for the big day.

High on food

Indian wedding food is the most extensive, and the best meal served ever. As the Indian saying 'Aditi Devo bhava' Indians don't miss any chance serving, and fulfilling their guest appetite. Right from the starter, mouth-watering main course, and never compromising appetizer, they also have chaats, Pan, and Kulfi. In southern India, the finger-licking wedding meals served in banana leaves.

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