Bridal Hairstyle Tips

As a bride on your wedding day, all eyes are going to be on you, and this brings a lot of pressure to look flawless. It's all about the gorgeous dress, makeup, statement jewellery and detailed hairstyles, this all reflects your personality how minimal or maximal you may look. When it comes to your bridal hairstyle, the key points to keep in mind are: it should suit your face shape, last throughout the event, don’t forget to keep the weather in mind, should be comfortable, hair colour volume and texture, and most importantly it should suit your wedding outfit with dupatta or veil. No matter how your hair is, long, short, thick, thin or curly, or coloured you have to work with what you have. These wedding hairstyle tips will help you on your wedding day. The secret to an honest bridal hairstyle lies in knowing about things like, what hair mask is best for your hair? What hair treatment you ought to get before your wedding?

Choose Right Hairstyle

With the budding popularity of social media, brides today can find out what’s trending and what’s not. Use Pinterest and Instagram to narrow down your searches. Search for hairstylists who are famous for thinking out-of-the-box. Search for hairstyles and Keep into consideration the length of your hair and your face cut. Ditch the usual and incorporate something unusual.

Do A Trial Ahead Of Time

Once you've got picked your bridal hairstyle for your day, confirm to possess an attempt. It’s better to be on the safer side and have a trial rather than getting a surprise on the day of your wedding. As a bride, you should stay away from experimenting on the day of the wedding.

Climate And Comfort

If your wedding takes place inside during winters then it is fine to go for those gorgeous curls or any other open hairstyle. But if it’s a summer wedding it'll be an honest idea to stay hair off your face and shoulders and there'll be no got to worry about frizzy or sticky hair. But don’t forget you also need to handle the hairstyle for 5 hours with the heavy dupatta. So, it is advised to always to choose comfort.

Do Not Get A Haircut Before Your Wedding

This is the most fundamental and important advice. You shouldn’t be experimenting with your hair close to your wedding date. Get a haircut if you need one, 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding.

Colour Your Hair on time

If you haven’t had coloured hair before, brides should finalise their hair colour at least 6 months before the wedding. This allows time for things to settle in and it will give you time to try on your dress with that hair colour to make sure it’s right. Do not even think of colouring or highlighting your hair at home or choosing a colour tone that doesn’t suit your skin tone!

Hair masks are an excellent thanks to keep your hair healthy, hydrated and glossy for the marriage . Brides should go for head massages and hair spas to improve the texture. For Oily hair avoid products with heavy conditioner, as the high moisturizer content will turn your hair greasy quickly. Home remedy for oily hair, Use a natural hair mask made from strawberries or lemon. The high vitamin C is essential for healthy-looking hair. If you prefer glossy hair, apply natural coconut oil to your hair strands but remember to keep it off your scalp. For Dry hair, you should pick a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner while limiting the use of hairdryers or curling irons. Home remedy for dry hair, Treat your hair with a natural hair mask. You can use a mixture of olive oil and honey; these two ingredients are well known for their moisturizing ability that will help to nourish your hair. For Itchy scalp, accompanied by hair loss which comes from dandruff buildup. It happens thanks to insufficient rinsing when washing your hair, leading to left-over shampoo residue that causes your scalp to become dry and irritated, blocking the moisturizer it needs. Home remedy for Itchy scalp, Use a blend of baking soda, banana, and lemon. These natural ingredients will surely soothe and freshen up your itchy scalp.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Don’t forget to carry emergency hair kit which should have bobby pins, extra hair ties, a hairbrush, dry shampoo, and a travel-size hairspray because these things come in handy and can be of use anytime and special if any emergency arrives.

Secret Of Good And Lustrous Hair

For good and lustrous hair you must have a protein-rich diet, plenty of water and also add biotin to your routine. Following a well-balanced diet with wholesome lean protein and leafy green vegetable will guarantee lustrous and strong hairs. Replace that midday snacks with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds. Experts believe a Vitamin B rich diet will light up the dullest locks. The brides are advised to rest and eat well because whatever said and done, wedding stress is unavoidable and it does show abreast of the skin and hair. The recommended daily dose for good hair nutrition is 18 mg of iron per day. Good sources of iron include sunflower seeds and spinach. Using the incorrect products can cause serious hair damage. Avoid shampoos that contain harsh ingredients, like sodium lauryl sulfate. Conditioning is a crucial step in having manageable hair.

Add accessories !!!

Go for your favourite options of flower let’s say lilies and orchids or choose flowers as per your wedding theme. You can add twigs and laces to spice up your wedding day style. No matter what you've chosen, remember to always match it with your wedding theme and of course, your personality.

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