The Perfect Checklist for Your Bridal Trousseau

Most young girls grow up fantasizing about the day they get married, probably already having decided what to wear, where to get married, how and when. In all the craziness that a wedding entails, you could wind up out of the blue and into the black when it comes to not knowing what to take with you after your wedding. You must be careful about not missing out on the vitals that go into your bridal trousseau.

Your bridal trousseau should ideally include your go-to kit including all the items that you would require post your wedding such as clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Worry not, we’ve got your back. Read on to find out what goes into the perfect Bridal Trousseau Checklist:

1. Versatile Items of Clothing:

Grab yourself dynamic items of clothing that can be multi-purposed to fit different styles. For instance, your bridal saree’s blouse can be used with another lehenga, or can be revamped into an Indo-Western outfit with a pair of jeans and boots. Your ethnic dupatta can be used with a casual Western outfit to rev it up. Get creative with your outfits and think about saving yourself some space and time.

2. Skincare to Keep Your Skin Glowing:

Your skin always reflects the overall health of your body and mind — so make sure to keep it looking healthy! Grab yourself your favorite sunscreen, face scrub, moisturizer and the other essentials to keep your skin glowing and healthy all the time.

3. Face and Body Makeup:

Pack the makeup that works for you. Make sure it’s a versatile set of cosmetics that you are carrying — for instance, an eyeshadow palette that could cater to your casual day look and your dressed up night look. A new bride always loves dressing up and trying new looks — so make sure to pack in makeup that suits all your potential moods and styles.

4. Jewelry and Other Accessories:

Bridal jewelry is the most beautiful and intricate. Make sure to pack your most favorite pieces of jewelry, belts, hair accessories, and the like to ensure that you always dress it up a notch. The most essential accessories that represent a never-dying trend are a must, especially for new brides — hoop earrings, jhumkas, statement necklaces, rings and the like. Don’t forget the lifesaving bobby pins and safety pins!

5. Toiletries and Essentials:

We all have our preferred brand or product when it comes to the toiletries we use, so grab your preferred products — shampoo, face and body wash, bath bombs and other products that you use. As a new bride, you deserve to have nothing to worry about.

6. First Aid/ Medicines:

Pack a handy medical/first-aid kit that includes medicines for the Common Flu, fever, acidity, and the other common ailments. It is always better to be prepared for the storm before it hits.

7. Ethnic and Western Footwear:

As a bride, since you will be visiting a lot of people and places, you ought to ensure that you take footwear that fits all occasions: a pair of flip flops, sandals, flats, and heels. Take at least one of each kind to best match your outfit irrespective of what the occasion is.

8. Lingerie and Activewear:

You need to have a range of lingerie to suit all needs — whether functional or sexy. Grab your workout clothes as well as it is important to keep yourself fit both physically and mentally.

Planning what goes into the Bridal Trousseau is definitely a tedious task for to-be and new brides.

We hope that our smart compilation of what should go into the Bridal Trousseau helps out you gorgeous brides, just so you can focus better on the new exciting life that awaits you. We wish you all the best!

Published on : 19-Feb-2020 | By Admin

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