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India may be a country with rich cultural and non secular diversity. There are alternative ways of doing things all across the country, and when it involves marriage, there’s a myriad of local customs that are common everywhere India.

The culture and heritage of southern India are rich and diverse in itself, one among the four groups are Malayalis. Now, Kerala may be a diverse place, with many various religions cohabiting the seaside state, thus there are many various wedding customs that happen there. However, the sort of wedding which is typically related to Kerala is that the Malayali Nair wedding. There are many traditions in Malayali Hindu weddings that are very different from North Indian weddings, and here are some that stand out.

A traditional costume may be a very special costume worn by the Malayali bride and groom on their day . this is often the foremost favourable attire unchanged for hundreds of years due to closely connected to their cultural custom and traditions. Usually, A Hindus Malayali groom wears a standard synthetic Dhoti to off white Kurtas with gold Zari work. And therefore the Malayali bride wears traditional kasavu saree or a Kanchipuram silk saree.


Rituals and customs play a big role during the wedding occasions that bring much and more joyful moments and shut relationships with the relations , relatives and friends. Malayali wedding customs and traditions are very easy and straightforward which are elaborated within the wedding ceremonies. A Malayali wedding is usually divided into three basic steps pre-wedding rituals, wedding , post-wedding arrangements towards the groom and bride happy meeting during a lifetime relationship as a husband and wife. They’re usually each day long, and obtain over really quickly. There’s no loud music or dancing, and therefore the muhoorat is low-key and pious. Malayali weddings don’t usually have sangeets or Mehendi functions that are usually a really important a part of North Indian weddings. The primary thing that hits you during a Malayali wedding is how orderly and peaceful the atmosphere is. The girl is brought into the hall amid her aunts and sisters, each of them carrying lit lamps in their hands. The boy arrives an equivalent way.



A traditional engagement where two families celebrate the happy occasion by exchanging the bride and groom’s matched and approved horoscopes, during this ritual there’ll be an announcement to hitch the couple during a forever relationship as a husband and wife.


The bridal Mehndi ceremony is analogous to other Mehndi ceremonies across India, where artists are called in to use intricate patterns, in Kerala wedding ceremonies the bride’s aunts begin to draw pretty patterns on her hands and feet.


Dakshina Kodukkal

This ceremony is performed by the bride and groom, right before they leave for the marriage venue. They seek blessings from all the elders of the house. The Dakshina may be a symbol of the elders’ blessings.



It begins with a ceremonial welcome for the groom and his family. The family priest takes his post and performs the holy ceremony, with the bride’s father delivering his daughter to her husband. After the marriage , the daddy of the groom gives him a Mangalsutra to tie round the bride’s neck. This is often referred to as a Thalikettu.



In the Malayalam wedding, the bride wears a sari is named Mundu. The bride is ornamented with the normal Jewelry. The groom also wears traditional dhoti and angavastram.


Sparsham Ritual

This is a really interesting ritual when the groom is sitting ahead of the bride. The finish of Kanyadaanam custom is trailed by Sparsham.


A gift seals the deal. For a Nair Kerala wedding, this happens within the Pudamuri ritual, where the groom gifts his bride a saree on a platter. This symbolic gesture marks that he would forever act as a provider for her.



A typical Nair wedding meal that’s served during Kerala wedding ceremonies is understood as Sadhya which consists of 25 dishes served on a banana leaf. The flowery meal consists of a spread of rice, pickles, curry and sweets. Desserts are served mid-way through the meal. The payasam may be a thick fluid dish of sweet brown molasses, coconut milk, and spices, garnished with cashew nuts and raisins. Pazham, a ripe golden yellow plantain, is typically had along side the payasam. After the payasam, rice is served another time with the spicy rasam. Kaalan or seasoned buttermilk is served at the top of the feast.

POST wedding

Griha Pravesh

Here, the bride enters her new home together with her husband during a pre-ordained Mahuratam he lights the way in, with a standard lamp in her hand, with the act referred to as Kudivep. It’s one among the foremost auspicious rituals of Kerala wedding ceremonies.

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