Wedding Day Dos and Don'ts For The Bride

Brides usually plan for their wedding for days and months in advance. You plan it once, think about it again, amend the plan and work on it again. This process of refining the wedding plan goes on for months. By the time the wedding day comes, your plan will be refined to the fullest extent possible, hence you need not fret about anything on the day of the wedding. Trust yourself and trust all the efforts you’ve put in, and know that nothing will go wrong.

Put your bridal clothes and the bridal spirit on, and get rocking! We have put together a list of DOs and DON’Ts for you to follow on your wedding day:


1. Outfit During The Makeup:

Make sure to wear an outfit that you may easily wiggle out of when the makeup is complete. Wear something that can be buttoned down, or something that is super-stretchy that you can remove without having it touch or ruin your makeup and hair look. Wear something that is of a similar color palette to your actual wedding dress so that your makeup artist may have a good idea as to how the makeup would actually look on you.

2. Appoint Someone To Retouch Your Hair and Makeup:

Request a close family member or a friend to monitor your lipstick, hair and makeup throughout and retouch the same as and when required. It is the day of your wedding and you have to look perfect every minute of being photographed so that when you look at your photographs a few years down the lane, you still cherish how you looked on your wedding day.

Emergency Kit:

Be prepared for the worst and carry an emergency kit with all the possible last minute resorts. Carry a nail trimmer, nail paint, extra pair of false eyelashes, backup accessories, etc.

4. Pictures From The Hair and Makeup Trials:

On your wedding day, show your stylist pictures that you had clicked from your hair and makeup trials. This will help the stylist in refreshing his/her memory of what he/she did on you. Stylists don’t always remember what they do on each and every client, so it’s always better to remind them how they did it the first time.


1. Don’t Go To The Parlor -

Don’t go to the beauty parlor on your wedding day. Don’t get a manicure, pedicure, facial or any other service on your wedding day. Nail paint that hasn’t dried properly may restrict you from moving freely or may get chipped off due to your movement. Don’t save this for the last minute and make sure that you avail these services at least 1-2 days before.

2. Don’t Book A 1-2 Hour Slot For Makeup -

Don’t assume that your hair and makeup will be done in a fixed time slot such as 1 or 2 hours. When you go for your trial, make sure you time it so you have a fair idea as to how much time you will actually require on your Wedding Day so that you plan the agenda for dressing up accordingly. This will avoid any last-minute chaos that is bound to happen otherwise.

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair -

Don’t wash your hair on your wedding day. Most stylists have often expressed that they prefer working with hair that is at least one day old in terms of being washed. This prevents your hair from looking frizzy and makes it more manageable.

Don’t Forget About Your Significant Other

Don’t make this day all about yourself. Remember, it’s not just your wedding. It’s his too! Make sure to make him feel extra special on this day — tell him how much you love him and how good he looks. Give him the comfort and make sure that both of you have a good day.

Weddings are stressful sometimes. Especially when it is the day when you and your partner take oaths to protect and be there for one another. It’s the day that marks new beginnings and you want it to be perfect. Don’t fret too much — plan your wedding timeline out well in advance and try sticking to the schedule and you’ll be just fine.

Published on : 21-Feb-2020 | By Admin

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