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Sangeet Ceremony is something we all wait for when it comes to wedding functions. It is one of the most cherished pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian weddings. Nothing could be more fun than dancing on those peppy tunes under the dreamy set up with your friends and families. The fun and festive vibe it adds to the celebration is simply amazing and can be enjoyed by everyone, be it kids or adults. When it comes to sangeet, you just need to dance your heart out on your favourite music and create memories that would last forever. And with food being an integral part of every Indian wedding celebration, we get to see a lot of interesting delicacies at the sangeet ceremonies as well.


What’s more? So if you too are going to host a sangeet ceremony soon, you just have to include some unique and mouth-watering bite-sized food items not heavy feast. Keep those merrymakers nourished and energized, therefore the dancing never stops. Here are some options for a rocking Sangeet Night:

So, keep the floor rolling by supplying your guests with these interesting food ideas which can satisfy their hunger without them having to go away the dancing madness and fun.


Drinks Are Must!

Liquids are the most important part of every wedding. To stay high on the energy it is necessary to keep drinking lots of drinks including fruit punch, smoothies, mojitos, mocktails, soft drinks, coconut water and more. Make sure your drinks counter is near the dance floor so that the party keeps on going! Pick and choose your spirits vodka and champagne along with wines. Get a bartender to combine and match your fruits and you will have a crowd gathering soon. You can also go for guest natural drinks like buttermilk, flavoured lassi, juices, lemon water, Aam Panna, milkshakes, thandai in place of Cold drinks.


Soups WITH Cups

You know, everyone loves an honest sandwich and soup on the side but what if you create them into cute bites? Now, you don’t need to sit down if you want to enjoy your soup and grilled sandwiches and also onion rings, spaghetti and fries can be added for a twist. You can opt for some super cute cups and have super delicious food in them so chic and yet so sweet.


Popcorn Delight

Who would have thought that popcorn would pass as a marriage snack? This is not just your movie snack anymore. Popcorn is fun, tasty and handy. These salty munchies can be eaten alone as well as with different other snacks to make your nibbling time zesty and exciting. A heavy drizzle of peanut butter and you are all set to make your guests contented. So get this yummy thing into your Sangeet menu and get working on it – add caramel, sea salt, chilli powder, cheese – just about anything to make them yum.

It’s Incomplete without Chaat Station


While the Indian chat counters are famous for its messy and spicy street food, you continue to include them in your menu without them being messy anymore. Chaats have everything that makes a snack lip-smacking. Just grab one and enjoy. Everyone’s favourite street chaat- Pani puri is a must-have counter at every Indian wedding, Present people’s favourite pani pani in a fancy way which they can have while they are still on the dance floor. Mini vada pav bites, Delhi Papdi Chaat, Dabeli, Bhajiyas, Kachoris, Dahi Wadas, Bhel, Pav Bhaji, Ragda Aloo Tikki, Samosa Chaat, hot sweet corn chaat served in mini paper glasses and for more creative options are also delicious and handy. This tangy little bite will add a desi tadka to your Sangeet and who wouldn’t want that? Amidst all the Bhangra and Bollywood beats don’t forget to treat your taste buds to a yummy plate of Chaat.


Zamanaaa Modern Hai


When we have changed the way we celebrate wedding ceremonies, why not change the way we serve? This wedding season, serve your guests with the best of both traditional and modern world with these tiny tacos, gelato, sushi, waffles, wraps, pasta and toppings for custom made on spot pasta, Quesadillas, Corn Spinach Enchiladas, Fajitas, Cilantro Lemon Rice, Guacamole, Bruschetta, Ravioli and Other Condiments but some people still need the traditional Indian staples.


Chinese corner


Well, Chinese feast boxes are all you need to satisfy those hunger pangs without having them to sit on the food tables and leave the wedding masti. These can be loaded in cute little boxes, in which we can add Vegetable Manchurian, Chilli Rice cakes, Vegetable Hakka Noodles with Kofta Manchurian, Vegetable Fried Rice, Chilli paneer, Paneer Lollipops and so on.


Mehendi without dessert is like a wine without the cheese. Brownie Bar, Pineapple Kesri, Falooda, Mango Mousse, Ras Malai, Carrot Halwa, Pistachio Kulfi, Mango Panna Cotta with Mango Passion Fruit dessert, coconut banana dessert, Sorbets etc. Some people don’t prefer to eat desserts in marriage. But don’t give them a chance to think so. Make them happy with natural desserts. Use peanut butter in desserts. Jaggery and honey as natural sweeteners are perfect for diet conscious people. You can also opt for mini Waffles or ice cream sandwiches to make kids excited. Your wedding ceremonies should be kids-friendly too and these will cheer them up.



These delicious mini snacks will leave a big impression on your guests at the Sangeet ceremony. These non-messy food items will keep your guests energized throughout the Sangeet celebration.


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