Wedding games to play at wedding

Indian weddings are nothing less than a concert celebrating the union of two souls & two families making merry, grooving around and of course, with loads of fun and jollity. Which is why couples and their families leave no stone unturned in making sure that their guests are treated and spoiled with everything at its best. Be it the food spread, wedding parties to keep them entertained or even incorporating fun and popular Indian wedding games at their revelries. Sure drinking and dancing is important to make it a memorable affair for your guests.


Right from the Haldi or mehndi ceremonies, the pool parties and to even sangeet and after-parties, there ain't no ceremony where you can't incorporate exciting wedding game for your guests.


We listed out some of the trending and popular Indian wedding games that you can choose from for your wedding and boy all of them are going to be so much fun! With something for everybody, be it the kids, the younger gen or the oldies, this list replete with options that would spoil you for choices.


Wedding Games


Who is most likely to

This wedding game is going to be one entertainer for all your guests. Simply have the guests equipped with boards with the groom's and bride's face on a side each and ask them questions regarding the couple. Let the guests take guesses and play along. This is the latest Indian wedding game that's taking over the wedding scenes.


Saree tying competition

For uncontrollable laughter, a sari tying competition between the men from both the bride and groom side would undoubtedly make for a kickass and funny Indian wedding game.


Giant Jenga

One of the most popular Indian wedding games, this addictive block game is a must-have as it's sure to give your guests a hearty joyous time. You can also have the couple's names or their hashtags engraved onto the blocks.



Having a trampoline is an edgy way to add fun to your ceremonies. Also, it's going to keep the kids happy and busy because we all know how kids just love trampolines. And well, the biggies too!


Giant snakes and ladders

Have a huge snakes and ladders board spread on the floor and let people play. Roll that huge dice and let people take their turns walking ahead, climbing the ladders or bitten by a snake.


Beer pong

From pool parties and beach parties to after-parties, beer pong is the most famous and a must-have at your wedding. It's one of those hyped drinking games that's somehow become an essential element of any wedding.


Pop the balloon

Have a 'pop the balloon' stall at your wedding space and even keep gifts for the winners. Let the guests pop the balloons with those darts or guns and win themselves gifts.


Shoe game

This highly popular Indian wedding game is super fun and adorable to play. In this game, the couple sits back-to-back holding their shoe in one hand and their partner's shoe in the other. They are then asked questions and statements related to them and their relationship to which the couple has to reply to raising the shoe for who matches those statement the most.


Cricket match

A game of cricket between the groom side and bride side is a super fun idea to have your guests enjoy the wedding a bit more.



Go the old school way and play that super fun game of tic-tac-toe. Ditch the paper this time and have either small boxes of the game on the tables or better yet have a giant one installed in the lawns and get set playing.



Yet another game that can be played amongst the bride squad and the groom squad, tug-of-war is one of the best Indian wedding games. To add a bit more fun you can have punishments for the losing team or prizes & gifts for the winning team as well.


Musical chairs

The ever-so-classic 'every birthday party game' can unquestionably and obviously make it into weddings too.



If your wedding venue offers you a large lawn space or a beach then how about organizing a volleyball match between the two sides? A volleyball match would definitely make up for one of the best Indian wedding games.


Marriage advise for a couple

A rather adorable and important activity, this would not only have the guests engaged in something interesting to do but, would also lend the couple some useful and some funny. Have a pretty corner set up with pens, colourful paper chits and jars where your guests can write the piece of advice they'd like to give you and put it in a jar.


Paper dance

Infuse this game in your sangeet or your reception. And who knows this game might end up playing the perfect cupid for somebody?


Name that song

Have your DJ play just the initial tunes of some famous songs and whichever team makes the most number of guesses, wins!


Spin the wheel

Yet another fun and crowd engaging activity, this game is perfect for your haldi or mehndi ceremony. Have some fun and some mushy dares mentioned on the wheel board.


Identify your bride

As much of a joy this game is for everybody else to watch, it is basically a fun test for the groom. Have a few women along with the bride stand on one side of the fabric with only their hands passing through the holes to be visible to the groom who is standing on the other side.


Tarot card

Having a tarot card reader with a parrot at your wedding would be a great way to have the guests occupied with something engaging to do.



Everybody loves Karaoke. It would be a perfect icebreaker amongst your guests and equally enjoyable. A Karaoke is an activity that's known for bringing people together and enjoying the simple art of singing.


Pani Puri Contest

Trust us, when it comes to eating Pani puri everyone gets excited! This is a singular Mehendi game that your guests would like to play. You can make this game more exciting by replacing the tangy pani puri water with shots of vodka. The last man standing will be the winner.


A Personalised Word Search Game

You can include words related to the couple’s love story or their names to things they love the most and words that describe them the best. Make sure this game is played with a time limit to check who guesses the maximum number of words correctly.


A DIY Wedding Game

Super fun to play, Ball in a bucket can be easily set up by the couple itself. P.S. aim the balls endlessly to collect them in a bucket!

Pyramid of Glasses

This ones a classic Indian game played in Melas. Revive your childhood memories by aiming at the pyramid of glasses to knock them all off at once to win the game!


The Jumping Sack Race

Just wear those sacks and start running to win  P.S. Get those sacks customized with your initials, wedding hashtags or some funny and edgy one-liners.


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