Wedding Music: DJ vs Live Band

We've all attained those kinds of weddings where you know, the ones that crawl and have flat food and significantly blander music originating from a playlist on somebody's phone? If you want to make your wedding special that your guests remember for a long time, the kind of wedding that is slightly different from the millions that happen each year (positively), consider employing a live wedding band or a DJ to keep your visitors engaged.

Conventional Indian weddings are a hurricane of family gatherings and formal functions, so reserving experienced performers for your wedding can take a ton of arranging. In case you don't know which to pick, continue perusing. Our guide will give you the advantages and disadvantages of wedding rings and DJs to assist you with settling on your choice.

Our intention is not to confuse you even more so, to put it simply we have divided this article into pros and cons so that it becomes easier for you –

Advantages of Hiring a Wedding Band

There's not at all like a live wedding band to get a group energized and make a feeling of refinement. A decent bandleader will play the emcee at your gathering, cooperating with people on the move floor, focusing on the "vibe" of the room and choosing music appropriately.

Pros –  

  • Live music is, well, live. You and your visitors will encounter the delight of an exhibition. Anything can happen to raise the energy level, from an irresistible horn area interval to a moving performance. Regardless of whether you weren't especially enamoured with the individuals getting hitched, you presumably stayed somewhat longer just to watch the band play.
  • Your visitors will adore the suddenness of a live wedding band, thus will you! No one can tell when somebody may break into a great performance. Or then again, the lead vocalist could even change a tune's verses only for you!
  • There's no off-kilter beginning and halting with a live band. Wedding bands are particularly acceptable at easily altering and keeping your visitors locked in.

Cons –  

  • Bands can be more costly than DJs. Likewise, regardless of how extraordinary the band, they can't have the collection of a standard DJ, who can keep an enormous assortment of music available. Also, in the event that you need to hear a melody the specific way the first craftsman performed it; you may not get what you need.
  • Bands can be more costly than DJs. Additionally, regardless of how incredible the band, they can't have the collection of a standard DJ, who can keep a gigantic assortment of music close by. What's more, in the event that you need to hear a melody the specific way the first craftsman performed it, you may not get what you need.
  • Bands take up more space than a DJ. The extra space is mandatory for your band while choosing the venue.

Advantages of Hiring a DJ

The present DJs are specialists in their own right, offering adjusted and diverse blends of melodic styles for all ages. The melodies played will sound precisely as you need them to, empowering sing-alongs and spontaneous creation. What's more, contingent upon the measure of hardware a DJ brings, they could take up less space and can be moved without any difficulty.

Pros –

  • If there are twelve melodies, you're passing on to hear at your wedding, it likely won't be an issue for your DJ to discover each track. Additionally, DJs are commonly more affordable than groups. A DJ with a charming personality  and superb emcee aptitudes can truly set the temperament and prop the gathering up.
  • Be that as it may, in the event that you employ a DJ, you don't need to pick only one style of music for your wedding gathering.
  • DJs offer a wide scope of music to suit every one of your visitors' preferences, and it's simple for them to change starting with one style then onto the next.

Cons –

  • On the far edge of the range, a DJ with a not exactly heavenly character can be a gathering executioner. Additionally, ad lib is intense if, state, your father is hauling behind rhythm on the dad little girl move or your nieces and nephews choose to demand the "Chicken Dance."
  • DJs are not at all alluring to the non-dancing group of guests.
  • Over excited crowds can lead to some of your guests just standing there getting bored once the DJ starts and most of you keep dancing. 

Regardless of whether you pick a live wedding band or a DJ, the most significant thing to recollect is to live at the time and have a great time on your big day. It’ll be over in a jiffy and before you know it you’ll be just left with photographs to relive.

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