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If there's anything we've noticed about wedding cakes is that they're getting less and less traditional. Gone are the times of the evenly-layered, three-tier treats topped with vintage-inspired figurines in your likenesses.


This year, instead of going for a simple cake and couples are expected to be more liberal with their use of colours. This means both icing and therefore the cake itself are going to be bolder and brighter. Choosing your bridecake isn’t always as simple as you initially think. When choosing your cake believe how certain designs will fit together with your decor/venue and in fact your personalities.


 Topper options include figurines to seem just like the wedded couple, their favourite characters, themselves as their favourite characters, a humorous combat getting married, monograms, full names, wedding logos, fresh flowers, hobbies, sparklers, and just about anything you'll consider. With the tulle trend currently, romantic layers offer a weightless finish with ruffles, rosettes and rough-textured tiers with cherries on top.

The most delicious a part of any wedding has got to be the cake. Of course, you would like it to seem even as good on the surface because it tastes on the within so it's understandable if you're being a touch picky. To help you out we've put together this list of our favourite bridecake trends for 2020.


Cakes inspired by bridal gowns

There is a growing trend towards basing your cake design on the design of your bridal gown. Ivory, cream and white cakes are regaining popularity, and these are being decorated with pearls, diamante, fabric, flowers and pieces of jewellery to mimic the bride’s outfit.


Strong colours and bold patterns

For brides that want something different from the normal cake , strong colours and bold patterns like polka dots are very fashionable. The cake colours are often chosen to enrich the general wedding theme choosing a bolder shade of the bridesmaid dress colour often works well.

Ice cream cakes


For casual summer weddings, ice cream cakes are a perfect choice and should be double up as dessert as your guests won’t be able to take a piece home. White chocolate and strawberry or lemon are popular flavours for frozen dessert cakes, just take care to not leave the cake out of the freezer for too long if you don’t want it to collapse.

Cupcakes Tier Cake

The trend for filling a large cake stand with individual cupcakes is thriving. One innovative solution may be a traditional square layered cake with a few of layers made from tiny individual square cakes, fully iced and personalised for your guests.


Decadent flavours

Chocolate wedding cakes are ever-increasing in popularity and demand, but many brides also are choosing to possess layers in toffee, fudge, coffee, carrot, and fruity flavours.


Metallic accessories

Metallic themes are creeping into every area of wedding design and cakes are not any exception. Ribbons, icing and other decorative features can be found in traditional silver and gold, or more contemporary metallics such as pink, pastels and bronze.


Cake calligraphy

The trend for wedding cakes with writing on follows the style for monochrome cakes, as they have a tendency to be white cakes with black iced writing. Many couples choose one word or phrase, while others have an entire poem or verse in beautiful writing on their cake.


Bejewelled layers

Large pieces of costume jewellery are replacing fresh flowers because the most trendy thanks to adorn your bridecake, and to tie the cake design in together with your overall wedding theme. This trend is especially good for winter or evening weddings, where the jewels will sparkle under your lighting.



Painted buttercream

If you would like your bridecake to seem sort of a real piece of art, choose a painted buttercream design. This 2020 bridecake trend is sort of a 3D oil-painted masterpiece. It all starts with a watercolour buttercream base. The result's something that appears love it belongs during a gallery rather than a dessert table.



Another artsy option which will be interpreted in many various ways is that the abstract watercolour design. The base is analogous thereto of the painted buttercream cake: your baker will use a mix of varied coloured buttercream icings to form an ingenious backdrop.


Square single tier

Single tier cakes are rising in popularity over the past few years. However, the single-tier is getting old for 2020, rather than a shape, bakers are going with crisper lines and favouring square designs.


Edible flowers

Love the thought of covering your bridecake in flowers but don’t want to figure with sugary petals? Not flowers made from chocolate, fondant, or sugar but actual blooms that you simply can eat and that we highly suggest embracing this trend if you’re throwing a garden wedding.

Cake alternatives

If you don’t have an insane appetite, there’s no got to serve a standard bridecake. You can easily swap out fluffy cakes slathered in icing for fruit towers, pizzas, or just about anything else you love. Whether you create it sweet or savoury is completely up to you.


Unique macaron tower

Macaron towers are growing in popularity with couples that want an alternate to a standard bridecake. Dress them with sugar flowers or fresh for a romantic look, or add a cake below for something to chop. Either way, you will wow your guests with these little treats!


Naked’ Cake

So what is a naked cake? It’s all about the cake – no icing, no fondant just pure simple cake with lovely delicate fillings and a dusting of powdered sugar. The unique and handmade look has taken the market value by storm, adorned with fruits, berries and flowers or any heavy icing.


A beautiful dessert table

Rather than choosing only one cake, couples are still loving their very own dessert tables with a variety of their favourite luxurious treats such mini cupcakes, macaron pops, meringue kisses, luxury truffles and almost anything your heart desires!

Traditional white

Although this year is showing a rise in couples wanting big bold and weird, there are still many couples that only dream of the last word “white wedding cake”, something traditional and timeless through and through with textures and patterns.


All that glitters

Sequins and shimmery golden tiers have been an element of luxury to a cake, edible gold sequins can give your cake the wow factor and by extension, gold leaf and edible paintbrush with an abstract hand around tiers in graphic print and the quality of multiple textures between matt, shiny and metallic.


Crazy for Copper

For the marriage, copper brings opulence to the table and as far as cakes are concerned a copper foiled cake tier may be a stunning addition to touches of warm coloured rustic florals with petrol blue, forest green and charcoal grey.


Beautiful Lace

A beautiful finish to your dress and equally now, to your cake! Lace moulds can even be made to match the lace on the marriage dress. This popular and romantic look has captured so many brides in previous years and is relatively traditional as far as edible decorations go.

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